Banking and Insurance

With goGeo, banks, insurance and digital payment companies will be able to geographically analyse customers transactional data to detect frauds, run risk analysis and better understand customer profile.

Consumer Behaviour Map

Takes geolocated electronic payment transactional data to better understand in a given period: what was bought, for how much and how well the company assets covers the customer base


Helps to improve sales performance by showing service quality and buying patterns on different regions

Cost reduction with better placement of banking assets (ATMs, banking agents) based on logistics intelligence applied on the region's installed demand

Get information to potentialize marketing actions and obtain insights for services upselling strategies

Risk and Fraud Map

Make analysis based on locations with high concentration of frauds by market segment, time or day of week. Obtain insights and improve your knowledge base about suspicious locations.


Spatial analysis over fraud records lets you identify regions of high or low fraud risk

Geo enrichment of frauds with suspicious regions attributes makes it possible to improve fraud score rules

Map the demographics, social, economic and infrastructure profile of regions with more fraud incidents

Region's Profile Analysis

Clicking on the map with a given distance from this point, shows a dashboard with relevant data on socioeconomics, demographics and public security. This information can be used to better understand the region's profile .


Faster decision making thanks to the spatial context visualization enriched by the region's complementary information

Get insights from the region's opportunities and risks by viewing business locations and public security data

Understand the region's potential within search range, showing household income, population and business information

Build your own

Build your own

These applications are powered by our easy-to-use but powerful API. Learn more about how you can create your own geospatial Big Data application.

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